HSA Account

HSA Account – What You Need To Know About Health Savings Accounts

No matter how much you’re making each year or how much last year’s Christmas bonus was, odds are that retirement seems like an unattainable fantasy.  While you might not have an HSA account, you regularly contribute to your company’s 401(k). But no matter how much you invest, your earnings always seems to be hit by […]

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relationship with money broken

Is Your Relationship With Money Broken?

When did Americans’ relationship with money break? Why did saving become the enemy? When the topic of saving money comes up, it seems to have a negative connotation. You’ve probably noticed that it goes something like this: “I’d love to save, but I just can’t afford to.” Instead of something positive like, “I know how important it […]

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money tips for college students

5 Ways College Students Can Revitalize Their Finances

For most college students, financial considerations stop once they receive their financial aid package. However, more financially responsible or savvy spenders are always looking for ways to beef up their finances. And there’s no better time than winter break. As students return home for roughly a month or two, they have limitless opportunities to seize […]

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