best personal finance books

Best Personal Finance Books

Are you looking for the best personal finance books to learn about how to make more, earn more, or save more money? Or maybe you want to learn how to invest your money or make the best financial decisions possible.

The reality is that personal finance books are amongst the most important books anyone can read. Whether you are an electrician, teacher, nurse, Lyft driver or lawyer, you still need to know how to make, save and invest your money. We all need to pay rent. We all need to go to work to save for retirement. And we all need to know how to make smart money decisions!

One of the best ways to learn these skills is simply to read about them! You can read about them by reading articles like the ones we write here on this site! You can also read financial newspapers like the WSJ (Wall Street Journal) to better understand current event and the economy.

Finally, you can also read personal finance and money-related books to really dive deep into specific topics!

We often field questions regarding our favorite resources to learn even more about personal finance. Here are some of the best personal finance books around!

Whether you are just starting out on your journey to learn more about money and personal finance, or you are a seasoned veteran who is already retired, there's a book for everyone!

The really cool thing is that even if you don't like to read, virtually all books are now available as audio books! And with Audibles awesome free trial you can listen to any of these books for free!!

Best Book For Those Looking For Motivation To Turn Things Around: Financial Freedom

This book will change your relationship with money. Written by Grant Sabatier, he went from having less than $5 in the bank and $20,000 of student loans to saving over $1 million in 5 years. By reframing purchases and focusing on what matters most – your time – you'll be excited to launch your journey to financial freedom.

This book is the perfect guide (as is our website) to saving more money, making more money, and making sure your money works for you so that you don't have to work for money for the rest of your life.

best personal finance books

Best Book To Learn How To Invest Your Money In The Stock Market: The Little Book of Common Sense Investing

If this book doesn't convince you to stop picking individual stocks, then nothing will. This book helped shape our philosophy and we consider ourselves ‘Boggleheads' when it comes to investing for the long-term. It's a must read for anyone looking to make their money work for them in the stock market.

There's a reason it's at the top of our list of best personal finance books.

little book of common sense investing

Best Book For A General Overview Of How To Manage Your Money: Personal Finance For Dummies

This book is an incredible resource to anyone who wants a solid overview of all things personal finance, from emergency funds to insurance. Know someone graduating from college soon or living under a pile of debt? Here's a perfect gift for them.


Best Book For Those Who Think They Want To Be Rich: The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America's Wealthy

Hint: It's better to be wealthy than rich.

This book will have you reconsider what it means to be rich. Most people think of millionaires as people who fly first class and eat caviar. The data actually tells a different story. After reading this, you'll understand how people actually amass great amounts of wealth while still living the ‘good' life.

You'll learn extremely valuable lessons here that will be able to apply to your life immediately. Also an incredible gift for yourself or anyone looking to live a more balanced and responsible life. No wonder it's one of our favorite personal finance books.

Best Book For Those Who Want A Better Understanding Of How To Build Wealth: Rich Dad Poor Dad

We were pretty lucky that our older brother gave us this book for Christmas when we were in college. Since our dad passed away when we were little kids, we didn't really have that father figure to teach us about money.

We had an incredible mom, but she was incredibly busy trying to make ends meet, and she also wasn't well versed when it came to personal finance.

But this book was an incredible introduction to the power that money can have if you use it wisely. Instead of working so hard for money, why not let money work hard for you?

That idea alone, while simple, is fundamental to true wealth creation.

Are you ready to take your personal finance to the next level. 

rich dad poor dad book cover

These books only begin to scratch the surface of the personal finance world, but if you make through these, you'll have a solid foundation. In fact, we'd venture to guess you'll be more knowledgable about personal finance than nearly ANYONE you know.