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Mint Mobile Review – How I Save Thousands On My Phone Bill

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Today we are sharing our Mint Mobile Review with you to explain why I decided to switch to Mint from Cricket Wireless. Mint Mobile is the low cost carrier, which is helping Americans save money with less expensive mobile phone plans.

Mint Mobile At A Glance

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Plan CostPlans start as low as low as $25/month
Plan TypesPrepaid Carrier
  • You Can Bring Your Own Phone
  • You Can Keep Your Existing Phone Number
  • Requirements
  • Unlocked Phone Necessary
  • Plans are available in 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month increments
  • Clicking "Visit Mint" will take you to Mint Mobile's website to sign up.

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    (This post contains affiliate links. It means we may be receive a commission if you use one of our links to purchase a product or service. We do this so we can continue to run our site without charging fees.)

    You might remember that last year we wrote an article about how we had saved thousands of dollars over the years by switching to Cricket Wireless from the main cell phone companies like AT&T, Verizon, & T-Mobile.

    We loved Cricket, but when we started to hear murmurs about an even better (aka less expensive) option, we knew we had to look into it.

    To test it out, one of us recently made the switch to Mint Mobile from Cricket Wireless and we found an even better way to save money on our phone bill!

    While Cricket has helped us save thousands of dollars over the past few years, and we are very thankful for that, we are always looking for better deals for you guys (and ourselves).

    What Is Mint Mobile?

    Mint Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator which relies on T-Mobile towers. This is a fancy term for a mobile phone network which doesn’t own the infrastructure themselves.

    Because Mint Mobile doesn't own or build the cell phone towers themselves, they are able to operate at a much lower cost than the major cell phone networks. This means they can offer lower prices to customers like you and me.

    Just like the way Cricket Wireless uses AT&T towers and bandwidth, Mint Mobile uses T-Mobile towers. This means that as long as you’re in an area with solid T-Mobile service, you should get Mint Mobile service.

    How Does Mint Mobile Offer Cheaper Prices?

    Unlike Cricket Wireless (and most other cell phone companies) who charge you a monthly price as you go, Mint Mobile plans are prepaid every 3, 6, or 12 months.

    This pricing model allows Mint Mobile to offer really competitive rates since they know exactly how much bandwidth to purchase from T-Mobile. They pass these savings onto customers by rewarding customers who agree to longer contracts.

    As you’ll see in the pricing table below, the real savings happen when you purchase a longer plan.

    What Are The Different Mint Mobile Pricing Plans?

    You can see the plans HERE.

    Mint Mobile Plan Prices

    Their introductory 3 month pricing levels are the same as their 12 month plans. In essence, they are hoping you’ll love the service and price so much that you’ll opt for the 12 month plan.

    Which Phones Can Be Used On The Mint Mobile Network?

    Any unlocked GSM phone should work on the Mint Mobile network. You can bring your own phone unlocked phone. Just switch out the SIM card and boom!

    It’s important to note that you can still keep your existing phone number when you switch to Mint. In fact, moving your phone number (porting) to the new network is easy and the process is explained during account set-up.

    This means you'll save a bunch of time and hassle not needing to notify everyone you know that you got a new phone number or worry about missing calls and messages.

    Obviously, if you want a completely new number and start clean that's no problem at all.

    Why Switch To Mint If You Are Happy with Cricket?

    Look, we had zero problems with Cricket’s service. We loved it and have recommended it to anyone who asked us about it.

    But ultimately, when you are trying to pay off over $200,000 in student loans, it all came down to the money saved. If you've seen our posts on financial freedom or budgeting, you'll know how important living within our means is.

    Remember, the lower your expenses are each month, the more aggressive you can invest and save.

    I want to be able to retire earlier than when we turn 65 years old soI am hyper-focused on saving as much as possible and earning as much as possible. Does this mean I will stop working when I am 50? Probably not, but it will mean I will be able to if that's what I want to do.

    So let’s take a look at how Mint compares to Cricket so you can see whether the savings made sense.

    If you are on a major carrier you’re likely paying much more than either Cricket or Mint Mobile!

    Comparison: Cricket Wireless vs Mint Mobile Plan Prices

    Cricket Wireless  ($/month)Cricket Wireless w/ Auto Pay Credit ($/month)Mint Mobile – 3 Month ($/month)Mint Mobile – 6 Month ($/month)Mint Mobile – 12 Month ($/month)
    2GB – $302GB – $30**3GB – $253GB – $203GB – $15
    5GB – $405GB – $358GB – $358GB – $258GB – $20
    Unlimited – $55Unlimited – $5012GB – $4512GB – $3512GB – $25

    *Prices accurate as of 4/1/2019

    **2GB plan not eligible for Auto Pay Credit

    Are the savings worth the hassle?

    In short, YES!

    This questions really comes down to two factors. The savings and the hassle involved.

    Let’s address the hassle (or lack of it!) first, before we really break down the numbers.

    To be honest, the switch was quite simple and there was very little hassle.

    The process of switching took me 15 minutes plus the wait for the sim card to arrive since I already had an unlocked phone (I used the same phone I was using on Cricket Wireless).

    Now let’s break down my savings!

    Let's compare the 5GB/month Cricket Wireless plan with the 8GB/month Mint Mobile plans, since that was the same exact change that I made.

    How Does Cricket Wireless Pricing Compare To Mint Mobile?

    When it comes to a finding a budget phone plan, these are the two clear leaders in the game. One company uses AT&T towers while the other uses T-Mobile towers. Also, Mint offers prepaid plans to offer additional savings, while Cricket offers the traditional monthly cell phone plans.

    Let’s take a look to see how the costs between the two platforms compare.

    Cricket 5GB vs 3 Month 8GB Mint Plan

     Cricket 5GBMint 8GBSavings (month)Savings (year)
    Monthly Cost$35$35$0$0

    At this level, there is no money saved, but you get an extra 3GB of data, which we think is a no-brainer.

    Pay the same price, but get more in return. And not only more, but 60% more.

    Cricket 5GB vs 6 Month 8GB Mint Plan

     Cricket 5GBMint 8GBSavings (month)Savings (year)
    Monthly Cost$35$25$10$120

    Starting to save some money with the 6 month plan. Again, a modest $10 savings each month, but still get 60% more data. Over the full year you are looking at $120 in savings. Over 5 years, you are talking $600.

    If you have a few phones in your family, the savings can become staggering.

    Cricket 5GB vs 12 Month 8GB Mint Plan

     Cricket 5GBMint 8GBSavings (month)Savings (year)
    Monthly Cost$35$20$15$180

    At this level, the savings over a full year are HUGE!! If you have multiple phones in your family then the savings can make a massive difference.

    Nearly $200 in yearly savings for 60% more data. Another no-brainer!

    Again, this assumes you get the Auto Pay Credit with Cricket. If not, the savings you would by switching would be even bigger!

    The Downsides To Mint Mobile

    If you live paycheck to paycheck and struggle with paying all of your bills on time, then having to come up with the extra cash up front will be a challenge.

    For example, with Cricket you pay your $35 on a monthly basis (if you have Auto Pay set up), but with Mint’s 3-month pricing, you would pay $105 upfront for 3 months. On the flip side, the other two months you wouldn’t have to pay anything.

    If you decide to maximize your savings and go with the 12 month plan, you would pay $240 once and then not have a payment the other 11 months.

    So over the full year you would pay a lot less. This translates into more money in your high interesting savings account or Roth IRA.

    What About The Time Value Of Money?

    First, it’s awesome that you think about the time value or opportunity cost of your money.

    Second, it’s a great question. After all, isn’t there a chance that you’d be better off keeping Cricket so that your money isn’t locked up for 3, 6 or 12 months! That’s money that you could be investing, right?

    Let’s take a look and see.

    For example, let’s assume you opt for the annual plan since that is the plan that would require the most amount of money to be paid upfront. Let’s focus on 8GB plan that we chose.

    This plan is $20 per month but it needs to be paid as $240 up-front. With Cricket, you’d be paying roughly $35 for a similar plan on a monthly basis. That means that during the first month you’d have $205 extra dollars to invest. Assuming you make 6% per year on your investments, that’s 0.5% per month, or $1.03 in gains.

    Let’s just stop right there. We already saw that over the year we would save $180 dollars, so clearly this more than makes up for the opportunity cost of paying up front, unless you know of a way to make your money quickly multiply.

    Coverage Issues?

    During my first month on Mint Mobile’s network, I have had absolutely no coverage issue (I don’t live in a large metro area either).

    But there’s no doubt that Mint has less coverage than some of the large mega networks based on the maps.

    Just like any other phone company, you must check the wireless coverage in your area. For the large majority of folks that live within a couple of hours of a large metropolitan area, this shouldn’t be a problem at all.

    Nevertheless, it’s always best to check before you take the plunge.

    If you live in an area that’s borderline with regards to coverage, Mint Mobile offers a 7-day money back guarantee. We have not utilized that service since we didn’t notice any difference in quality or service and kept on with it to save money while getting more data! A win-win!

    No Phone Upgrades

    Mint Mobile will sell you a new phone at retail prices, so there’s no savings if you are looking to trade in your phone or upgrade.

    If you want to use the money saved on the plan to get a nicer phone, you’re better off thinking twice about it.

    “I am going to save money by switching to Mint Mobile, so that means I can upgrade my phone, right?”


    Apple and Samsung have a really strong advertisement game. We get it. Every time we see one of their commercials our brains also start to rationalize why we need the latest Apple or Samsung phone.

    But that’s the thing. We do not NEED it. We just WANT it bad. Real bad.

    One of us had the same phone for nearly 5 years. Was it annoying to type in the passcode each time when our friends could unlock their phones with their fingerprint? Definitely. Did we survive? No doubt.

    Based on our personal savings rate, I'd say we did a lot more than merely survive!

    So next time you feel like upgrading something that works perfectly fine, just remember one thing: you can’t miss what you’ve never had.

    If you really can't make it more than a year or two with the same phone at least do the two following things:

    1. Sell your phone (or give it away to someone in need)
    2. Put the money you are saving on your cell phone plan into an account each month specifically for your phone (this is called a sinking fund)

    By doing those two things you will never go deeper into debt and can pay cash.

    If you can’t pay with cash, then you can’t afford it (this doesn’t apply to large purchases such as a mortgage).

    This doesn’t necessarily mean literal cash. We use credit cards to get points/cash back but pay it off in full right away. There’s nothing worse than pay 15-25% interest on purchases.

    How do you think credit card companies afford the skyscrapers in NYC? They LOVE consumers that carry credit card balances each month. Don’t be loved by credit card companies. Not all love is created equal.

    No Unlimited Plans

    You’ll also notice that Mint doesn’t offer unlimited data plans. For most people it doesn’t really matter since most homes, offices, coffee shops, etc. have WiFi.

    But if you are the person who has no access to WiFi and uses insane amounts of data monthly, then Mint Mobile is NOT for you.

    For everyone else, it’s the real deal.

    Switching To Mint Mobile – Our Overall Review

    When it comes to our phones and plans, there’s three things that are most important to us.

    Call / FaceTime quality, data speeds and price.

    Over the past month there has been absolutely no difference in call or FaceTime quality. We haven’t noticed dropped calls, audio problems or any loss in data download speeds. Texts and emails have always been coming through on time and rapidly.

    However, there has been one big change we’ve seen: the price!

    As mentioned earlier, switching was super simple. We kept the same phone number and the same phone (protip: only upgrade your phone once your current phone dies AKA every 3-5 years to maximize savings).

    We haven’t noticed any difference in quality from Cricket (which wasn’t any different from AT&T).

    I plan to stick to the 8GB 6-month plan, since that is working well for me. I would sign up for the 12-months for greater savings, but we might find something even cheaper to test out within 12 months ;).

    Well, what are you waiting for? Sign up now!


    Mint Mobile





    • Low Cost Plans
    • Easy Setup
    • You Can Use Your Own Phone


    • All Plans Are Pre-Paid
    • No Unlimited Data Plans
    • Need Unlocked Phone
    See how to cut your phone bill and save thousands of dollars a year. I did this by switching to Mint Mobile and it was a no brainer. See how I did it. #budget #savemoney #phone #cellphone #mintmobile #lifehacks #moneyhacks #money #personalfinance #makemoney #frugal #frugalliving

    Francisco Maldonado

    Francisco Maldonado, MD is a personal finance expert who was raised in poverty by a single mother and had to learn everything about personal finance on his own. In addition to running his personal finance site, The Finance Twins, with his twin brother, his site has been featured on ForbesBusiness InsiderCNBCUS NewsThe Simple Dollar and other top publications. Francisco is a physician who borrowed over $200,000 to pay for his medical training and understands debt payoff strategies and frugal living. He received his M.D. from the Mayo Clinic School of Medicine, the most selective medical school in the country, and a Bachelors degree in physiology from the University of Minnesota. He is currently a radiology resident at Northwestern University. You can contact Francisco here or via Instagram @thefinancetwins.

    26 thoughts to “Mint Mobile Review – How I Save Thousands On My Phone Bill”

    1. Unfortunately when you’re six month plan is over, you are NOT able to go for another six months within the same plan. You must either go with the far more expensive monthly plan or go with the twelve month plan.

    2. @Francisco: Just a heads up, you’re overlooking Red Pocket Mobile. They have a wide selection of plans, and they sell service on all 4 networks; T-Mobile, Sprint (however long they may be around), AT&T, and Verizon. I know when I was testing them back in 2015, the data speeds did kind of suck on the Verizon side, but I can’t remember if my (now dead) Galaxy S5 was or wasn’t able to use the WiFi calling. Anyhow, might want to mention RPM next, as some of their plans compete with Mint.

      1. Thanks, when I looked into them they were similarly priced to Mint so I figured it was easier to work directly with the provider. Sounds like you’ve had success with them though!

    3. Admiring the commitment you put into your blog and in depth of infoгmation you offer.
      Fantastic reаd! I’ѵe saveԀ уour site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Googlе аccount.

    4. Mint mobile sucks ass! I was charged for a phone I returned immediately after receiving. I was charged a return fee and a “stocking fee” of $150. Went through affirm and they only gave them a partial credit leaving me to pay the rest. Affirm ended up reporting on my credit for this fee that I reached out to mint mobile about and never received a response back. I completely wasted my time and money thinking about even going with this company. Ended up costing me more than it is worth!

      1. That is outrageous. The lesson to learn is buy your own phone directly from Apple or Android phone sellers. I think MintMobile should clearly explain their return and refund policies so that no customer will experience what you described.

      2. If you paid with a credit card, I would call your credit card company and fight the charges. Seems unreasonable to charge $150 for a new phone that was just bought. We’ve heard of others who have been able to return phones no problem, so def worth looking into this more.

    5. I never even heard of Mint Mobile until I read your blog. Unfortunately, I need a phone that will get service in the back nine so not an option for me. But nice to see there are options.

    6. I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I have been on Verizon for a few years and was sick of overpaying! I switched to Mint Mobile two weeks ago after reading this page and couldn’t be more happy! Thank you, thank you!!

      1. You’re welcome, Paula! Glad things are working out well for you :). I’ll be coming up on a year with Mint Mobile and have been thinking about writing an updated review!

    7. If you want cheap phone service by paying by the year, this is the service for you BUT beware;
      you CAN NOT get domestic roaming but you CAN get international calling if you load up your account before
      you go overseas. BUT….. like me, once you cancel service (I needed domestic roaming for Wisconsin that they couldn’t provide after loading $40 in my account) you have to contact them within 7 days to get your money back.
      I just spent 15 minutes on the phone with costumer service just for them to tell me that I was screwed because it was after the 7 day limit. My response was that I shouldn’t have to call to get back money that wasn’t theirs to keep and thanks for being a people company.
      Beware what you sign up for and do your homework, find out first if the service is where you need it to be.

      1. Agree 100%! Must do the leg work and make sure your area(s) are covered. I never had any issues when I lived in La Crosse, but admittedly, I didn’t travel much within the rest of the state and never needed roaming. Do any of the cheaper carriers offer domestic roaming? You’re the first person to bring that up to my attention.

    8. I’m confused about one thing.
      If I go out of my state or city, does it mean I won’t have coverage with mint?
      I’m on Metro pcs now but I get the coverage everywhere I go out of city or state.

      1. Hey Amir, Mint Mobile operates just like AT&T or Verizon. As long as you are in a zone with reception within the U.S. your plan will work. I live in Chicago but was just in D.C. for a conference and it worked like a charm!

    9. Mr. Miller switched to Mint back in April and as you’ve said, there has been no difference in quality. One thing I wanted to mention is that you can make calls via wi-fi. So if you are overseas you can make and receive calls and texts over wifi. No charge. No app or iPhone needed.

      1. That’s a great point! I haven’t been overseas in the past year since switching to Mint Mobile, so I haven’t had a chance to test out the WIFI calling feature!

    10. I tried Mint Mobile and I regret that I signed up. Very poor service cannot use. Text took three hour to receive. Data very slow unusable. Cannot login to see billing. Lost my $60 for nothing. Now I have to contact them to ask them to cancel the service and remove my credit card as they tried to lock my credit card in to auto billing.

      1. Danny, do you live within their coverage area? I always encourage everyone to check the coverage maps prior to purchasing. If you do, that’s so strange. I’ve always had fast 4G LTE speeds, even while traveling. Also try restarting your phone if you haven’t already. Would definitely give them a call as you should definitely be able to log into your account regardless of your coverage using with WIFI.

    11. Hi. Amir here again.

      I switched to Mint a few days ago. It seems good although at some point the internet speed is really low. I experienced the smae thing with Metro pcs although less.
      Just a weird thing I found out and haven’t been able to solve is that I don’t have a show delivery option in my sms and mms settings!
      I know I had it on metro and I know where to find this setting but on Mint it’s just not there!
      It’s kinda nerve wracking to not know if the other person has received your text every time you text someone.

      Contacted Mint but no good solution. They referred me to APN settings page which I had done already! Rechecked, all fine.

      This is wierd isn’t it?

      1. Amir,

        What phone do you have as I use to mess with apn settings on my galaxy s7. But my google pixel 3a found all the settings for me once I plugged in my sim.


    12. Hello, I have been on mint for 2 years now in dallas, tx and really enjoy it. I have had no issues. I just purchased the google pixel 3a and now my phone connects to t mobile instead of mint under sim status. I am not saying mint mobile is perfect but $300 a year for 12 gigs is very cheap.

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