Car Lease Calculator

Buying or leasing a car should be fun and exciting, but in reality it’s a huge headache. What is a fair price? How do I negotiate? Am I going to get bamboozled?

Fortunately, we’ve created this calculator to take away some of the mystery and the MISERY! To learn how car leases work, what the terms mean, and where to find the different numbers you’ll need, make sure you read our step-by-step guide on car leases!

13 thoughts on “Car Lease Calculator”

    • Hey David, the mileage doesn’t factor into the calculation so you can use this calculator for a lease of any mileage. You can check the monthly payment formula in our step-by-step car lease guide.

    • Hi Karen, the manufacturers change the MF regularly (monthly isn’t unusual). However, the RV is more stable but changes as the cars age (in 2020, the 2019 model years will have a lower residual value than they did in 2019). Hope this helps!

    • I don’t think so. I would speak directly to your dealer and see if you could get a better deal since in theory the car has a better resale value, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they say no.

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  2. The Twins have nailed almost every confusing part/variable factor of leasing. FYI…I’ve turned in a vehicle with 20k less miles. To monetize this, and negotiate into monies down, I used over mileage penalty (0.15 per mile,etc…) x 20,000 or $3000. I also use comps on lot to back up value of vehicle I’m turning in. Reactions vary and once you appear to know what you are doing things get really difficult. Dealer reaction was good 2016 but now in 2019 same people are being difficult. REALITY: They don’t care about anything you say and will sit on any vehicle no matter how fair YOU think your offer is if they don’t get what they want that day. Really just depends on mood of head decisionmaker on the sales floor – FULL STOP!
    PS: Try to NOT be an annoying Know-It-All…


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