Easy Retirement Calculator

How do I use the easy retirement calculator?

Read our post about our easy retirement calculator to learn how we built it! Most retirement calculators are too complicated so we created this easy retirement calculator using the ‘25X Retirement Rule‘! Use it to quickly see how much money you need to save for retirement. Starting is easy, just use the sliders below to enter basic information.

Contact us if you have questions or comments about our simple retirement calculator! Or simply email us and let us know what you think about our simple retirement calculator!

Once you’ve figured out how much you need to save for retirement, head over to our Personal Finance 101 page to see how easy it is to start your journey!

12 thoughts on “Easy Retirement Calculator”

  1. Thanks for this easy retirement calculator (and for the quick reply to my email). Just to follow up, if I get that I need to save $0 does that mean I have enough to retire? -Micah (54 y/o)

    • Hi Micah, thank you! And yup, given the assumptions you put in, your portfolio should be able to withstand most 30-year retirements with a 4% annual withdrawal rate with no additional contributions! That was the basis for the Trinity Study that the ’25x Retirement Rule’ is based off of!

  2. If this is correct, you have made life much easier, to figure out the uncertainty of retiring and having enough money to live in dignity.


  3. Has this formula factored in when I shall die? How does it calculate the amount I need during retirement when it doesn’t factor in how long I shall live after retirement? Kindly explain

    • We are still working on how to predict when you shall die. If we succeed, we think a lot of life insurance companies will use our methodology to take the guess work out of it! Jokes aside, this roughly provides a target for a 30 year retirement, which we think is reasonable.


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