Meet The Finance Twins


The Finance Twins are brothers on a mission to simplify personal finance!

We grew up poor while being raised by a widowed mom. Our dad passed away after a long battle with cancer when we were seven, and the healthcare bills set our family back a generation. In fact, we both started working the day we turned 16 to help pay some of the bills. Needless to say, no one taught us about personal finance.

Most people think money is confusing unless you are an accountant. We used to think that too. After working incredibly hard and catching several lucky breaks, we realized when one of us got a degree in finance from Harvard, that we had always been misled about money and how to save for retirement. While one brother had an MBA, the other was graduating from medical school. We took different paths but we still had one huge thing in common: We both realized that most schools and colleges don’t teach the fundamentals of personal finance.

Thankfully, personal finance isn’t rocket science!

Pressed against the wall of student loans, we’ve taken control of our personal finances. Now, we are setting out to help all of you do the same. A great place to start is to read our Personal Finance 101 post here! Our site is always going to be focused on money matters and how to avoid making costly mistakes that can set you back. Life is already hard enough, don’t let money make it even harder.


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