taxable brokerage account

401Ks And IRAs Reign Supreme, But Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Taxable Brokerage Accounts

Yes, 401(k)s are awesome. Roth IRAs are amazing. But what about the personal taxable brokerage account? Is there a place for a regular, boring personal brokerage account in today’s investing world? In my opinion, yes. No doubt. For a large number of people, using a personal brokerage account is a necessity if you want to […]

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us average household expenses

Average U.S. Household Expenses And What We Can Learn From Them

We’ve all seen the headlines that the average American household doesn’t have enough money saved for an emergency and lives paycheck to paycheck. It’s a sad reflection of the fact that wages simply haven’t increased as the economy has grown, while average household expenses remain too high. But with the U.S. being a top 10 […]

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